Did You Have Too Many?

Whether you are an experienced drinker or novice, having too many alcoholic beverages than you should have can result in your body becoming ill; in common parlance, you have a hangover. Whether you've consumed several different types of alcoholic beverages, imbibed on the latest trendy cocktail or simply poisoned your body with enough of your drink-of-choice to kill a small horse, these 5 science-based remedies may help shorten your misery. 

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Cysteine: Broccoli to the Rescue?

If you are hungover, wishing the world to end and alcohol to be banished from existence, you'll also want your liver to release all of your body's ethanal(acetaldehyde). Converted from alcohol in the liver, ethanal is the toxin that causes headaches, nausea and dizziness. Cysteine is a key component of the chemical glutathione, which is quickly used up in the detoxification process. Therefore, this amino acid must be replenished in order to help your body continually purge these toxins. 

Therefore nothing is better than cysteine, which is found in eggs, broccoli, peppers, onions and wheat germ, to purge the toxins. 

Potassium: Go Bananas!

When you're out having drinks, have you noticed that it is more common to find your friends at the urinal than at the table? That is because alcoholic beverages are very diuretic and cause your body to expel fluids; the water from the drinks themselves as well as water in your blood and organs. This purging of fluids also flushed much needed nutrients from the body. 

Potassium is one of those vital nutrients that is eliminated during frequent urination so it is very important that people with hangovers eat potassium rich foods to accelerate the healing process. A lack of potassium can cause problems in the nervous system and muscle, so eat bananas, dried apricots, potatoes (with skin) or salmon to replenish your potassium levels. 

Fructose: When Candy is Never Sweeter

Have you heard of glycogen? Besides fats, glycogen is a secondary vital source of energy that is stored in the liver and muscles and is essential for the survival of humans and animals. When we drink alcohol, glycogen is converted into glucose and is soon eliminated from the body through urination. So it is very common to feel tired and sluggish the morning after. 

One of the simplest ways (and fastest) ways to recover energy reserves is via fructose (sugar derived from fruit and fruit juice). Found in fruits, fructose accelerates the metabolization of alcohol in the body as well as replenished vitamins lost in urination. 

Sodium: Salty Dog

We know too much salt is bad for your health, but it is very important for the body to be able to perform some of its most basic functions. Table salt is rich in sodium, an electrolyte essential carrying nutrients in an out of cells. Along with potassium, another electrolyte, large amounts of sodium are removed during urination. 

Woke up with a hangover? It's time to eat something salty. But there are also other ways of making the body recover the chemical element. Common sports drinks such as Gatorade are great source of electrolytes as is Pedialyte, a formulated beverage given to children to prevent dehydration due to illness and diarrhea. 

Water: Before, During and After

The most important tip of all. As we stated, water loss is the primary contributing factor to sickness due to excessive alcohol consumption. As alcohol triggers excessive urination, the body tries to steal water to rehydrate the brain, which literally causes it to shrink. The membranes that connect the brain to the skull are stretched and so comes the pain associated with a hangover headache. 

To reduce the ill affects on the brain, drink plenty of water before, during and after your drinking session. Water will start or maintain the rehydration process. If you are severely hungover, naturally a glass of water will not make the pain go away in immediately, but rehydration is essential for your recovery so try to get fluids into the body as you're able to. 

In Most Cases...You'll Survive

Whether you had a few too many at a bachelorette party, New Year's Eve bash, Engagement Party or Tailgating, let's hope you partied with the #1 brand for beverage insulation...and great designs, Coolaz Koozies!