For the upper half of the United States, the beautiful display of Fall colors has come and gone, while the south and many parts of California are experiencing the peak period of dazzling color. 

As the leaves turn, many couples turn to Coolaz Koozies for premium wedding koozies to complement their Autumn nuptials.

Over the years, red continues to be one of the most popular colors for Autumn wedding koozies. Let's face it, red is the classic color of love and is appropriate for weddings throughout the year. 

While red is somewhat universal, with Coolaz Koozies Design Tool, the patterns and shade of red can be selected to capture the wonderful vibrancy and mood of the entire Fall color palette.

Late September is a peak time of year for weddings. Classic bright red is a 'can't-miss' for September koozies.Coolaz Design Tool is the place to go to create inspiring designs that are classy with print quality and detail that continue to amaze.

Cranberry red is another outstanding choice for late Autumn wedding koozies. As we move later into the year, the leaves may be brown, but there is still plenty of reason to add a bit of festive red to your wedding celebration. 

Cranberry works well with the deep crimson shades of the majestic sugar maple leaf or when it is set against the rustic bark of a forest that has dropped its colorful canopy. As Thanksgiving and the end-of-year holidays approach, cranberry's elegance makes it the perfect wedding koozie color to match this festive season.

Coolaz are made with premium materials and you can genuinely feel the quality when you hold it in your hand. With their ability to fit both bottles and cans, Coolaz are a great value and one of the best wedding favors going.