Ahead of their nuptials, husbands-to-be have been gathering for a night of food and drink with friends for many centuries for what has now known as 'the bachelor party'. It is believed that the origins of this ritual date back to the time of the ancient Greeks when fellow warriors would honor the groom in a ceremonial dinner the night before the wedding. The modern day affair is actually quite similar to the one of our ancestors although the variety of events at which the groom is honored has grown. 

It goes without saying that today's bachelor party has a reputation for being a night of debauchery, although this is certainly not the only type of send-off a groom is treated to.

Regardless of the type of bachelor party, it is quite common for the groom to distribute mementos to those in attendance. A nice pen, fine necktie or an engraved glass or mug are very stylish gifts. Additionally, there might be a small token to mark the day or bachelor party event. Custom, personalized beer koozies make a great souvenir as they are quite useful for many common bachelor party activities. 

Safe Themed Bachelor Party Koozies

Photographs are of course priceless for capturing special moments. Some of the higher-end koozies offer the ability to place photographic quality artwork on your beverage insulators. Regardless of the event, a group photo of all the guys would be great to place on a koozie and hand out to everyone to keep their beers cold during your round of golf or poker tournament. 

A personalized koozie can be built around the them of your party; a day at the track, skiing, golf or billiards are all excellent subjects for custom koozies. Current or iconic pop culture themes also make for humorous koozies.

Destination Bachelor Party Koozies

It is increasingly popular to extend your party over a weekend or longer thus packing in days of craziness. The winter months may temp you and the guys to head to a Caribbean island or South Beach; New Orleans and Las Vegas are always safe bets. No matter if you decide to fly fish in Montana or hit the slopes in Colorado, a personalized koozie is a great companion to have by your side. 

Mock Beer and Spirit Label Koozies

Humans are creatures of habit and some guys and their beer go together like ham and eggs. If the bachelor has a particular drink he's overly fond of, it might fun to design a custom koozie of a mock beer or whisky. There are many iconic beer and spirit labels which are fun to tweak to incorporate the groom's name or event location.

Risque Bachelor Party Koozies

Ok, although certainly not X-rated, you may not want to view these koozies, some of bikini-clad women, while at work. Whether your weekend with the guys involves a round a golf, a poker tournament, paintball skirmish, marbles, knitting, gardening�it's actually quite easy to work a lovely lady or two or a soccer team's worth onto your custom koozie. The world's your oyster.