Wintery White Wedding Koozies

Typically the quietest month for weddings in the US, January is all about winter chic. They'll be scant native wedding flowers available, but they'll still be some great choices from florists - snowdrops, white carnations and beautifu cream roses too. A winter wedding is good for the budget concious bride: fees for venues and accomodation will be lower (unless you plan to be wed in the snow laden Rockies - Aspen anyone?) and last seasons overstock of Christmas decorations will be on sale. No we are not thinking tinsel on your wedding Koozies! Tiny sequin-like snowflakes carefully scattered alongside will work and maybe, just maybe some fake snow to :-)

Regal Purple Wedding Koozies

We've heard that purple is the color associated with creativity, and certainly there's a wide range of choices to be made! Purple covers quite a large range of fabulous colors: soft mauves and violet through to regal purple hues, dark plums and eggplant. February is a cold month for much of the US and weather is pretty much guaranteed to be bad, but however it also, with Valnties Day in the middle, also the month of love! If you are planning a wedding around then make sure you have things booked well in advance; resturants, limos etc. are always busy around that particular date. 

Great complimetary colors for your purple wedding Koozies are creams or gold/egg yolk yellow.

Spring Yellow Wedding Koozies

What flower better symbolises march then the humble daffodil or narcissus? Giving us a clear cut choice for March's wedding color of choice: yellow. Other flowers just arriving in stores are the crocus and tulips too. March is a month of luck dips: weather can be bad, but they'll be some really beautiful days too - and plenty of venues and accomodation will still be low season too! Yellow is a vibrant color and careful selection of ancillary colors for your Wedding Koozies such as white, creams and fresh greens work really well without the whole becoming too much.

Go Bold with Fushia wedding Koozies!

By April the weather is becoming more consistent and the choice of naive an in season flowers growing rapidly - just make sure you factor in spring break into your wedding plans. We've chosen a pungent fushia pink for this month - a bold but punchy choice. Sweet peas are a greatly under-estimated choice for the wedding bouquet. They are a very simple flower, available in a wide range of pinks and purple hues and some have a stunning aroma.

With a flexible print process your April wedding Koozies can match this natural variation in those colors.

Stunning Green Wedding Koozies

Green is another color where the range of variations is huge, and with plenty room for potentially 'over egging your pudding!' Peridot however, is gemstone with a deep, almost olive hue and says class and elegance rather than in-your-face and brash. Great floral choice to suit include varietals of orchids, roses and freesias (a wonderfully aromatic choice).

This color of green also works well with a number of different subtle complimentary colors and tints: purples add a more luxiant look, whereas soft mauves, apricots and creams can create an additional freshness to the theme without going overboard on your wedding Koozie design.

Fine Vintage Teal Wedding Koozies

Born in around 1917 - the color teal comes from the color of the eye of the... common teal(!) and is the color associated with trustworthiness. This darkish, blue/green color also takes us back to the 20s and the Art Deco movement and works wonderfully well with creams and browns. For other great color combinations think peacock feathers (purples) - and these can make a wonderful addition to your wedding Koozie design!

The color of love: Red Wedding Koozies

Rubies are the birthstone of July - and deep reds make gorgeous looking wedding Koozies. Of course red stands out from the usual white wedding attire - and this can be used to great effect with stylish make-up and maybe some sly toenail paint! Most people think roses when you think of red floral arrangements, but tulips and gerberas can looking stunning too of course.

Indian Summer: Orange Wedding Koozies


With summer slowly fading (remember late August can have some cool nights if you are planning an outdoor wedding) and Fall creeping in thoughts of sunsets and leaves are in our in mind. Orange is our color of choice for August therefore, from adding a hint of pink to make coral, through to apricots, zesty citrus orange to burnt umber, there's a huge array of choice available for our orange Wedding Koozies.

Shining Sapphire Wedding Koozies


Pale blues and mid-blues can look beautiful, but a deep sapphire blue speaks volumes about sophistication and elegance. Of course, sapphire is the September gemstone and works well with silvers, cream (sapphires and pearls) and some shades of pale yellow or orange. Matching flowers for your sapphire wedding Koozies include roses, orchids and lilies.

Coral Pink Wedding Koozies

Coral pinks give a vintage look, but are now becoming more and more contemporary. Add a soft mint highlight to your wedding Koozie design for thhat extra level of sophistication! Daisies and chrysanthemums will also add to the vintage look. Teals, jades and navy blue can work well with coral themes.

Rainbow Wedding Koozies

For those that are finding it hard to just pick one color why not take a looka t having seven of them! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are the seven colors of the rainbow and when added together can make a exiciting combination. Maybe best done subtly with just hints and highlights, having a rainbow theme is an ideal time to take advantage of our capabilites to print your wedding Koozies in different colors!

Black and White Wedding Koozies

Ostrich feathers, black be-jewelled chandeliers and black and white scroll work all provide perfect inspiration for a black and white wedding Koozie. We've a few great design templates ready to add your names - some simple, stylish 'Just Words' designs and also some really elegant Damask designs in both our Vintage and Panel sections...