Dream Honeymoon on Exotic Brazilian Beaches

Brazil is Closer Than You Think! 
Are you looking for an exotic place to go for your honeymoon? 
Brazil is full of romantic places and gorgeous landscapes that could compete with any exotic corner of the world. There are destinations for all tastes; inland eco-touristic spots with mountains and waterfalls to its world famous beaches where it is hot the entire year. 

A country of 200 million people, Brazil resides in the southern hemisphere with the equator crossing through its northern states thus it remains temperate and tropical for the entire year. Brazil is famous for its Carnival, which marks the start of the Catholic religions period of Lent and is typically held in late February. The biggest and wildest Carnival celebrations take place in the southern cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo although large celebrations and parades are held throughout the country. The tourist mecca cities of Rio and Sao Paolo are worth a visit someday, but a bit further down and 8-11 hr flights from Miami and New York, respectively. However, there are less traveled and equally worthwhile places to visit. The northern beaches of Brazil are extraordinary and really only a little bit further from many of the popular Western Caribbean islands. 

Angra dos Reis

More than 365 islands are available for couples who choose to spend their honeymoon in Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro. Luxury homes, calm sea of crystal clear water and good dining options. As a honeymoon so it can go wrong? 

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Bonito Is Beautiful

Bonito is aptly named (bonito is Portuguese for beautiful) for its unique tropical-like setting. Situated 500 miles inland from Sao Paolo, it is known to Brazilians as the 'Caribbean of the Central-West'. Bonito would certainly appeal to the eco-tourist and, due to it's relatively remote location, those with a sense of adventure. 

The main aquatic attraction in Bonito is not a traditional beach per se, but rivers that run through the vast quantities of limestone found in the region. The limestone acts as a natural filter that removes all of the impurities in the water leaving it crystal clear; some of the clearest waters in the world. Native fish have adapted to the conditions and these rivers are teaming with life! The State of Mato Grosso's government places a heavy emphasis on sustainable tourism therefore restricts the number of people that can enter these pristine waters. For those that do make it to Bonito are rewarded with a vast network of river caves, springs, waterfalls in which to explore. Local operators guide the way and help monitor the ecology to preserve the area's environmental heritage. 

Fernando de Noronha 

Many couples in Brazil and around the world choose the glorious sites of Fernando de Noronha to enjoy their honeymoon. If seclusion and tranquility are what you desire, Fernando de Noronha is the place for you. Approximately 200 miles off the coast from Natal, Fernando de Noronhasits is situated within a tropical archipelago inclusive of a marine wildlife park, picturesque beaches and warm, crystalline waters. 

Like many oceanic islands, Fernando de Noronha is an extinct volcano responsible for one of its signature beaches, Praia do Sancho. Although a little difficult to hike to, its red sand and feeling of complete isolation are well worth the hike. Baia dos Porcos (no, not that Bay of Pigs) is a spectacular place for swimmers and the beach at Atalaia is not be be missed as it sits around an inland saltwater pool. The Praia do Leao offers dramatic waves and is a major site for sea turtle nesting. 

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Porto de Galinhas 

Porto de Galinhas has twice been elected as the best beach in Brazil. It's famed for of being one of the world's most romantic beaches thus attracts many couples for their honeymoon. It is said that everything in Porto de Galinhas is good: the food, the beaches, the people. Everything is here will contribute to a dream honeymoon. 

Capture your Memories of those Beaches! 
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