What is a Fraternity Party...

So what is a frat party? Here's a little education for those of you that don't already know, frat is short for fraternity, and frat parties are social gatherings that are put together by a fraternity. Derived from the Latin frater or soror meaning brother or sister a fraternal group is an organized all-male society and a sorority refers to an all-female version. 

Traditionally their society names are made up of a combination of Greek letters as a form of coding for a secret notion or motto, like the original Phi Beta Kappa meaning "Philosophy is the guide of life". The way to join a group varies from one to the next, some have formal methods of recruitment that might comprise of organized events and tasks this is sometimes known as 'rush week'! Some will offer a period of pledgeship where they will determine new member's success through a series of rituals. Then once you are part of the group there may be a trial period where certain requirements are applied in order to keep your place, such as minimum average grades for certain subjects and always wearing your pledge pin. 

Getting in...

There are some controversial issues surrounding these secret societies and the enforcement of hazing, this is when new recruits are given acceptance tasks and more than likely humiliating errands in order for them to secure their position within the group. These have been known to get out of hand and hazing is actually considered a crime in most states. 

With all that said, there is certainly an upside to joining a fraternity or sorority, including that in your freshmen year you will get invited to drink cheap beer and party til the sun comes up! Perfect way to start your college life and make some new friends! 

Frat Party Theme Ideas

Here are some of our top ideas and themes for your frat party - some may even work as graduation party ideas too: 

Go for a Graffiti Party - the entry dress code is white t-shirts only and each attendee must bring a coloured marker pen so that they can write whatever they like to whoever they like on their shirt! Not only does this make for a fun and colourful way to decorate your party but also acts as evidence the next day, making a pretty good souvenir of your first frat party! You could also try this with Coolaz Koozies as an extra gift - with their protective matt laminate the surface can be written on with a marker too so each guest can take home their own drink holder personalized by your friends! 

Party Favors and Gift Ideas

Have your letters custom printed on a custom koozie from Coolaz Koozies. Add custom graphics, colors, photos and text to match the specific event you're attending. 

Coolaz Koozies are an excellent source of income for fundraising activities. Print custom graphics on your koozies and sell them for a nice profit. Tailgate parties are a great location and easy to sell Coolaz Koozies because they are so cool! 

Don't forget to organize your Coolaz Koozies to match your party theme and be handed out on the door, you can leave a white space on each so that guests can write their names on them for personalization too, or if you have a guest list you could print each name so that everyone has a truly unique gift on arrival! 

Print 52 koozies to create a deck of cards (add a couple of jokers and have the house jokers printed on them!). Use it as a game and draw the winners from a real deck of cards! 

Use your koozies as an invitation or entry pass into exclusive parties. 

Fraternity House Party

If you're in charge of arranging your frat house party and are stuck for ideas, maybe you have several party rooms set up so that you could organize them into different themes to suit all those invited. In the main party room you could have some awesome hip-hop tunes for those that wanna dance all night and then in the second room you could set up a projector to watch old films, maybe some horror movies to get the adrenalin pumping! 

Themes and Party Playlists


If you're not up for the pressure of playing up-to-date tunes and keeping trendy with your frat party wear then why not opt for a 70s or 80s theme! 

That way you can arrange a music playlist for your party theme with old school records that everyone will dance to and enforce a dress code for entry, that way you can look as uncool as the next guy and not have to worry about being out of fashion!