Personalize Your Wedding Koozies with Premium Jersey-themed Coolaz Koozies

Sports are as American as apple pie and baseball. Well ok, you know what we mean. America is a sports-crazed nation where local, regional and national sports teams are woven into the fabric of communities. 

Late summer and early Fall is a highly anticipated time of year for many sports fanatics as college and pro football seasons get under way. All sports have their loyal following, but passions run highest for football. August through October is also one of the most popular times of the year to get married. 

Some couples elect to incorporate their team's colors into the wedding celebration. Whether it be the school where they met and fell in love or the professional team they watch together every Sunday, Coolaz wedding koozies are an excellent way to incorporate your team into a football-themed celebration. 

Coolaz Design created these jersey-themed koozies. The high-quality digital printing enables the finest details to be printed, right down to the jersey mesh pattern! Specially formulated closed-cell foam allows the koozies to be thin and flexible yet maintain superior insulating properties so your drinks will remain super cold. Coolaz koozie secure tightly around all 12 oz bottles and 12 or 16 oz cans so it's like having two koozies in one! 

Made in the USA, Coolaz continues to be the preferred choice for couples seeking to give quality wedding koozies to their guests. 

Weddings, birthdays, tailgate parties are also perfect for sport-themed koozies from Coolaz Koozies.