Generate Profits and Brand Awareness at Point-of-Sale

Point-of-sale, or POS in industry jargon, is referred to the area near the cash registers which contains all of the small sale items; typically made up of candies, soft drink and magazines. Other popular sundries are lip balm, local sports team trinkets and gift cards.

POS items are generally impulse buys that appeal to consumers as they have a particular need that needs to be met at that moment. In other cases, these items appeal to consumers because the products are novel, generally inexpensive and perhaps fill a need that the consumer was not overtly aware of. POS sale items are highly profitable and selecting quality, enticing products is the key to maximizing revenue. 

Show Koozies at Souvenir Shops and Kiosks

Vacationers and holiday-goers typically have a desire to return from their trip with a memento or perhaps pick something up for friends and family. Cups, T-shirts, and magnets are useful, 'safe' selections, but many are in search of novel products that strike their fancy and truly capture the essence of the destination so the memories can be relived down the road. Nothing captures the emotions quite like a photograph. Coolaz koozies are a unique drink-wrap style koozie providing photographic quality prints to be placed on your drink insulator. Hits all of the souvenir hot buttons: Novel. Beautiful. Functional. Affordable.

Destination weddings are another excellent application for Coolaz premium koozies. Many couples planning their wedding in a fun or exotic local choose to commemorate the occasion with special wedding favors. Photographic quality print enables you to capture beautiful scenes or graphics from the chosen destination. 

Can't Beat Koozies for Concert and Festival Merchandise

Over the past 30 years, consumers have witnessed the migration of recorded music from vinyl to CDs and now MP3, but one constant that has remained is our desire to experience music from a live band. Music has never been so affordable and easy to obtain yet consumers are still clamoring to attend live music concerts. Live concerts continue to attract record crowds and welcome source of revenue for the artist and record label. 

Much like the professional sports model, merchandizing and concessions are a key source of revenue in the live entertainment industry. From the very early days of rock-and-roll, concert goers have a desire to take away a memento of the event. Coolaz-koozies provide a unique alternative to merchandizing staples such as T-shirts and posters. 

Fun Way to Fundraise

Koozies are an excellent vehicle to raise funds for your team, charity, church or whatever your cause. Coolaz koozies can be customized to suit the graphics of your organization and will serve as an constant reminder of your cause. Koozies have the potential of generating the necessary funds for your organization. Coolaz koozies are a high-quality, novel drink insulator which has proven to deliver high return on investment: custom Coolaz koozies can cost $1.49 or less and sold for a minimum of $5 each. Coolaz koozies are so novel and attractive that customers are willing to pay more for these products to support your cause. 

Whether your fund raising event is launching pumpkin across a field, a motorcycle ride or a golf outing, Coolaz Koozies can be designed to specifically tailored to your event or cause.