The saying 'life without parole' is an often used, tongue-and-cheek way of referring to marriage. Couples with a sense of humor sometimes elect to incorporate the exaggerated notion that marriage is a life sentence into their wedding decorations. Coolaz Koozies supplies many fun and creative wedding koozies to couples looking to inject a bit of levity and humor into their wedding celebrations.

Couples often express their sense of humor, personalities, or hobbies through unique wedding cake toppers. We've all seen them: wife dragging husband by the collar; husband with ball-and-chain; wife with fishing pole 'hooking' the husband; the bride roping her cowboy husband. Why is it always the women corralling the men?? For those that are less daring and do not want to deviate from a traditional wedding cake topper, Coolaz Koozies prints images of cake toppers on wedding koozies so you can send guests home with a special, quirky memento.

Coolaz Koozies bachelor party koozies and bachelorette party koozies are also very popular to celebrate their last night of "freedom". Whether humorous wedding koozies, save-the-date announcements,bachelor/bachelorette parties favors, or some other wedding celebration koozie, Coolaz Koozies premium beverage insulators are a favor your guests will truly treasure.