Ready, Set, MO...!

What is Movember all about?

So, Movember is an entertaining way to separate the men from the boys! This hairy fundraising event takes place every year to create much needed awareness of Men's Health issues in the US and across the world. Movember is all about getting as many guys involved as possible and on their way to growing the best moustache to wear with pride throughout the month of November! 

Each guy will be known as a Mo-Bro and will need to get as many sponsors as they can to raise some much needed dollar for the cause! Sponsorships can be gathered from their Mo-Sistas, friends and colleagues all of which they will be calling on for their constant support and style tips for their tache growing efforts! With the slogan "Movember - Changing the Face of Men's Health" this event is recognised literally as a walking billboard for Men's Health! 

Grow, Show and MO - Event Ideas!

There are oodles of ways that you can get involved with Movember and while moustache growing is generally limited to the guys those smooth-faced ladies wanting a way in can of course provide some much needed encouragement for growth by donating their hard-earned cash to a selected MO-bro! They could also help to organise another event such as - a movember party, movember parade for best moustache, hosting a raffle, organising a fundraising banquet, charity benefit golf day, bachelor auctions, bake sales, sports challenges like one-on-one basketball or homerun contest... or if you are feeling creative set up a catwalk style Mo Beauty Pageant to show off those moustache creations! 

Here are our top ten moustache styles that we think you should try to include in your beauty pageant fun... 


There is also something very manly about growing a moustache; the biggest decision will come when the hair in the centre of the upper lip starts to get long and tickle your nose, but stay strong - you can do it!! The first stage of your tache can get messy very quickly housing unwanted foreign objects - namely food and drink! This is the turning point for your chosen style and the start of the trimming process, so let it grow so you can train your hair to grow sideways and achieve a traditional or handlebar shape! 

Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Tom Selleck & Vincent Price among the best of a few good men... (Chosen by the Mo-sistas amongst the Coolaz-Koozie Team)! 

Famous Moustache2.jpg

Arranging some festivities during the period of Movember can be loads of fun and is a great way to get people talking about the important issue of men's health. Your fundraiser can be hosted by you at your work place, your local sports cub or bar, public garden or just about anywhere that a moustache can be grown. 

Money raised will be used to support a rise in awareness projects and research teams at The Movember and Prostate Cancer Foundations along with the LiveStrong Foundation to help address the needs of male cancer survivors and their families. 

The Coolaz-Koozie design team would like to help you create the perfect Mo-Koozie this year - you can personalise your drink coolers to suit your fundraising event, and with a great unit price for a premium product you can be assured that they will help you to raise those much needed extra funds! Email your Movember ideas and pictures to our design team and we will put something together for your event, alternatively you can use ideas from our designs below. 

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