Feeling a Little Down?

Did you know that "a hug" can help us live longer, protect us against diseases, cure depression and strengthen the emotional bonds. Hugs rejuvenate, help us to be in a good mood, protect us against diseases, cure depression and also relieve us from stress. With a hug you show affection and caring. 

Research has shown that a hug had measurable emotional benefits.

  1. A hug brings new life to tired bodies and the weary.
  2. Hugs make people feel younger and refreshed.
  3. Hugs are purported stimulates our will to live. 

January 21st is National Hug Day

Kevin Zaborney created the National Hug Day to help Americans to show their feelings in public. He had this idea on march 29 of 1986. Although he chose january 21 because it marks the midpoint between Christmas and Valentines day. For him this is the time when people are figure to be at their emotional low. 

National Hug day is not recognized public holiday by national governments, but people in many parts of the USA and also other countries have embraced this idea. Mr. Zaborney owns the rights to National Hug Day and is therefore able to collect royalties on commercial interests associated with this day. 

Free Hugs Campaign

In 2004 an Association was created to promote the benefits of hugging, The Free Hugs Campaign. The premise of the Free Hugs Campaign was for individuals to share hugs with random people on the street. The primary difference between the National Hug Day and the Hugs Campaign is that January 21st is set aside as a special day to celebrate hugging. The Free Hugs Campaign promotes hugging every day of the year. 

Give A Hug to Those You Love

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Hugs Do The Body (and Mind) Good!

Studies have shown how hugs can help us pshycological and physically.

  • Hugging can help build a good immune system.
  • Hugging increases levels of oxytocin which can help lower blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease, stress and anxiety.
  • Make you feel happier . The body releases a chemical called oxytocin, the hormone also known as welfare, increasing the overall happiness of the person.
  • Hugs may also release endorphins, the same chemical released after a good workout or when you eat chocolate. It also contributes to this welfare.

Matthew Silverstone, author of the book Blinded By Science, discusses scientific data associated with the positive benefits humans achieve by their interaction with plants and trees; from improving concentration levels to alleviating headaches. It has been known for years the improved emotional response to trees and nature with many associating a cure for mild forms of depression and similar mental conditions. 

So if someone asks you to hug a tree, go out on a limb and give it a try...you might just find your mood improve!"