Rave Reviews for Coolaz Wedding Koozies

Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, legendary film critics, coined the phase "Two Thumbs Up" to signal they were in agreement that a given film was a good one and worthy of watching. Gene was more of a romantic with his favorite film being Saturday Night Fever whereas Roger Ebert gives the nod to the Alfred Hitchcock psycho thriller Vertigo. While Siskel and Ebert didn't always agree on the worthiness of the films they critiqued, couples are giving rave reviews to Coolaz wedding koozies. 

Weddings are celebrations. They are the coming together of family and friends to witness the union of two people. Weddings are also meant to be fun! Couples often plan their wedding celebration to be a reflection of their interests and personality.

Theme weddings are popular for this reason. Classic movie-theme weddings are fun and provide a lot of opportunity for creativity. Nostalgia always works. Even if you're not planning an extravagant affair, with every last detail conforming to the theme, it is possible to add some flair and interest with your wedding cake, table decor and especially your wedding favors. Wedding favors are a chance for couples to express their gratitude to family and friends that were able to share in the celebration. 

Wedding koozies from Coolaz Koozies are a favorite amongst couples because they provide an endless variety of choices to express their own personal style and not limited to a crude single-color piece of clipart that is silkscreened on fabrics. Coolaz are affordable, high-quality wedding koozies and not the glorified napkins that seem to be all too common. 

Coolaz are not only stylish and well-constructed, they fit around both bottles and cans so they're an excellent value. Whether you are drinking bottles or cans, Coolaz has you covered!

Coolaz wedding koozies are great for all types of events associated with wedding experience; Save-The-Dates, Engagement parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties and of course for wedding reception favors. 

Are you planning a theme-wedding? Coolaz Design employes a complete staff of graphic designers to create an fun, unique wedding koozies for your occasion!