We are all gearing up for the climax of this year's football season. As the NFL finishes the final few weeks of the season, we all anxiously await the Bowl Season as the top college football programs compete for one final game of glory.

With big games come big responsibilities. You have to make sure you are on top of your tailgating games...your fellow tailgaters are counting on you!

A Long Storied History

The concept is said to trace its origins back to the days of the American Civil War where revelers cheered on their side as men went on to battle. It is universally agreed that modern tailgating originated ahead of college football games. Football was and continues to be a major event with a week's build-up to the game. Such an event is celebrated throughout the day with the party starting well before the start of the game and extends after the game is through. A recent statistic cites that 30% of tailgaters do not actually go into the stadium to watch the game. 

The 1980's and 1990's took the concept to a whole other level and the parties not only became productions in an of themselves, but spread to other sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer and concerts. Tailgating is also becoming a popular alternative to a traditional party as a fun way to celebrate a birthday or different place to hold your outdoor wedding reception on a budget! 

Fundraising from your Parking Lot...

As an ideal solution for fundraising, a tailgate party can be held in a school field, a stadium car park or basically at any open air venue! 

It is a fantastic way to attract people before or after a sports game in order to offer burgers, hot dogs and cold beverages for sale to help raise extra support for school equipment, team or community group. Often these types of small scale socials tend to be organised by parents, friends and teachers who will volunteer their time to the cause. 

Coolaz Koozies are a premium drink insulator with custom photographic quality digital prints. Coolaz Koozies are guaranteed to attract a crowd and satisfied tailgaters happy to donate money to your worthwhile cause in exchange for an excellent koozie!

Event parties...

They can also be found on a bigger scale at major events and games nationwide with organized package deals to make the ultimate game day experience � for example you could purchase a game ticket + tailgate party package � often with organised games and hair or face painting, usually in the colours of the home team! 

Often there will be unlimited food and beverages included, and if you miss out on tickets you can watch the game in a dedicated area like the Tundra Tailgate Zone at Lambeau Field, home to the Green Bay Packers - what an awesome way to watch your favourite team with your buddies! 

Food is very important often appetizers, dip recipes and finger food recipes for tailgating are shared amongst the groups, most will communicate before the event so that they can ensure everyone brings something along and that they simply have the best tailgate food on show! Think of it as a bit of a pre-game competition and may the best tailgate party win! 

With the college and NFL seasons kicking-off in early September, there will be plenty of football party dates to bring out your gadgets and if you are a regular tailgater then there are some amazingly innovative ideas and ways to pimp the back of your wagon! Items can be as extravagant as a telescopic flag-pole to show your team support or a gas powered tailgate BBQ or even a blender to shake up some colourful cocktails! 

Personalized Tailgate Koozies...

To celebrate your tailgate party why not look at getting some customized Koozies made up for your group at the next game or event? There are many simple ideas too that can add some serious fun to your tailgate party, perhaps you have your own team name and colours. And to stop people pinching your beer each drink holder can be personalised with your group name or logo, printed in full colour they can be individually named so that you know which drink belongs to who and also have a great memento to take home after the event! In addition to Koozies, you might organise some matching caps or polo shirts so that you can spot each other in the parking lot from a distance!