It is now quite fashionable, pardon the pun, to incorporate vintage themes into weddings. Vintage decor, vintage wedding dresses, engagement and wedding rings are sought after to create a memorable occasion. It's not mandated that your vintage themes and decor use actual pieces as purists may warrant. You and your guests will thoroughly enjoy your vintage gowns, suits, jewelry, and decor even if they are not original pieces. 

Coolaz Koozies are the perfect choice for vintage wedding koozies as the outstanding printing capabilities can produce the perfect detail to match the style of your chosen era.

Although the 70's might get a whiff, 'Vintage' tends to refer to the period from the 1920's through 1960's. Technically, 'Vintage' can refer to all things dating back to the Victorian age (think 1880's, Victorian architecture, corsets), but we're now probably getting into antiques. 

Ok, back to the 20's-60's. The colors, simple patterns, and stated elegance through these decades are what draws people to the art, architecture, and certainly fashion. Many of the styles from this period can certainly be considered classic and timeless which is another reason for their strong appeal.


Imagine yourself in an elegant gown similar to the one worn by style icon Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face or Jacqueline Kennedy on her wedding day. The bridesmaids in colorful Rockabilly Swing dresses, the guys in fitted suits. A fun yet exquisite wedding indeed! 

Vintage works as it allows one to pick the best fashions and styles from a given period. Your choice can be purposely retro (more , vintage or refer to it as classic, what is true of all foregone fashion eras is that there was good and bad in all. 

Coolaz Koozies are a great choice for theme weddings, especially a stylish vintage wedding. Coolaz are very classy and very functional to keep drink cold and hands dry. They are like clothes for your drinks! What will your drinks be wearing? 

Some elect to go with the latest contemporary fashion trends which is perfectly acceptable. With all fashion trends, things change and what is once the 'in thing' will be forgotten as people move on to the 'next thing'. 

Classic style are timeless while retro and vintage decor allows us to look back in time and select the best features from a given era. Today's fashion may not be forever, but the photos and videos will be ;) So choose wisely!