This year the fashion runways brought incredible surprises for weddings that happen in fall/spring 2013. While white and ivory are still, far and away, the most popular wedding colors, next year's colors will range from very light green (mint) to very dark shades, especially black. 2013 is all about color! Also, we will see vintage wedding dresses from years past, with a modern twist. 

Here are the 5 top wedding dress trends for 2013:

Black and Cream
Deep, solid blacks, black accented with creams, pure blacks and nudes strolled down the runways and definitely made the biggest impression this fall. In addition to the wedding dress, these colors will make excellent choices for your cocktail or your evening-wear. 

This black dress is stunning! Who says you shouldn't get married in black. Go bold. Go black. Make a statement! If you're lucky enough to wear such a sophisticated wedding gown, you'll want to coordinate all of your wedding decor, especially the reception table arrangements. Repeat the theme with eloquent center pieces, place settings and place cards. Coolaz Koozies supplies stylish custom koozies you to complement the centerpiece floral arrangement or even the lace pattern on your dress-to-remember. Your guest will take home an special memento from your unforgettable occasion. 

Romantic Mint
The color mint harkens back to the 1940's and 50's and is the clear winner for brides seeking an eloquent vintage look. Vintage themes will be huge in the upcoming 2013 wedding season and mint colors will be everywhere: the flowers, the cards, the invitation, dresses, table place settings, et al. 

It is a cool and light color and can be combined with many other colors. For the most romantic, a super sleek combination is to merge mint with accessories in pastel colors or white. As for those who are at ease in more modern style, it is perfectly possible to combine mint with beautiful dark colors, including black. Yellow and mint is a sophisticated pairing and the color combination most preferred by fashion designers.

The color mint is classy and luckily it pairs well with darker colors. Ensure your wedding party table has Coolaz Koozies so the drink koozies coordinate with your lovely dress. 

Bold, seductive and sexy, red turns heads! That's right, red. While the traditional white dress is still by far the most popular color, red has come out as a surprising trend for spring 2013. Obviously the bold, luxurious red hues are for the more adventurous brides, but the main statement is the celebration of love through color. 

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Dress Style Trends

Open Backs
Sexy backs are making a comeback for the 2013 season too! You can take a simple, classic wedding dress and make it incredibly stunning with a open back. An open back is simple to design by combining sheer lace embroidery and appliques sewn into the dress leaving a small keyhole opening.

If you're a trendsetter, surrounding yourself in the latest styles, be sure to capture your design sensibilities on high-quality, expertly designed Coolaz Koozies drink insulators. Click here for a free Coolaz Koozie.

Transformers Dresses
Every bride wants to have more than one gown for her wedding day; one gown for the ceremony and one for the reception. However, a wedding day is incredibly hectic and perhaps not enough time for a complete wardrobe change. Dress designers have found a solution and created a collection of 'transformer' wedding dresses that make it easy to make a smooth transition from wedding gown to reception dress. New for 2013, transformers are a series of convertible dresses that use removable skirts, trains, capes that allow a classic wedding gown to evolve into a distinctive reception gown in the blink of an eye.