Need a Great Idea for a Unique Wedding Favor Box?

We all know that "what to give for wedding favors?" is one of the most frequently asked questions among brides. There are all kinds of favors, from edible to decorative, but utility is the word that comes to mind when we think about modern favors. 

At the same time, what you have to have in mind is that you do not need to spend a fortune to prepare them.The simple favors also surprise people. Using creativity, it is possible to please all your guests without spending too much. 
In this article we will show step-by-step how you can present your guests with an amazing wedding favor box just using a little decorative bag, Coolaz Koozies and some cute little stuff. It is easy and will fit in your budget and you can do yourself! 

What You'll Need

We defined a few specific examples on how to create a wedding favor box using a Coolaz Koozie, but you can achieve the same general outcome using whatever style, materials and favors that suit your particular taste and budget. The cost of the bag which will hold the favors varies by size and material. There are a number of stylish options from party or stationary stores, but those tend to be at the top end of the budget. Whether shiny silks or rustic burlap, the favor bag will provide an opportunity to tie-in the overall design theme of the wedding. 

After a long search, I finally found the perfect burlap bag with a pink, laced-lined opening. I wanted the bag to be simple, yet eloquent with a colorful detail and contrast in materials. It was the perfect size and met my budget. I purchased the burlap bags below from cherrycheckers.etsy. They are very well made! Cherry Checkers can make any size and any quantity you would like. Teresa was very helpful.

For this project, the most important dimension is the width of the bag because it will be wrapped by a koozie. A thicker material such as burlap will require the width to be around 4". You have some flexibility with thinner materials such as plastic as they can be folded back onto itself so a bag width between 4" and 5" would work well. If the favor bag is to go inside the koozie, the height can vary between 7" to 10". The other option would be to place the koozie inside of the favor bag along with the favors. The option works best with a transparent bag and required a bag height of ~12" to look its best.

Coolaz Koozies: To wrap the burlap bags I used a Coolaz Koozie wrap-style beverage insulator. Coolaz are great because they come flat and fit both bottles and cans. The photographic-quality print is extremely versatile and perfect to capture any image and not to mention the ability to coordinate you wedding colors! Text, color, and images are customizable so you can truly create your very own look. And once wrapped, Coolaz Koozies can be unfastened, removed and adjusted to fit. They are waterproof, clean easily and will last for years...and they work!!! The thin, closed-cell foam keep drinks colder than any other fabric or neoprene beverage insulator. The Coolaz Koozie will be a wedding favor that your guests will always have in their hands! 

Tip: To perfectly shape the burlap bags, I placed a 12 oz bottle inside the bag and wrapped the Coolaz Koozies around them. Once the Coolaz is secured around the bag and bottle, simply remove the bottle and you're ready to add your favors.

What sort of favors to place inside your Coolaz Koozie Wedding Favor Box?

Wedding favor contents are up to you. You don't have to break the bank with the Coolaz Wedding Favor Box. Edible items in simple yet attractive packaging are great and, on average, will be the low-cost option. Remember, the Coolaz Koozie itself is a great memento so the this box doesn't have to contain expensive items. We bought a few ideas:

  • Sweets: Probably the safest option for most guests. From candied almonds to penny candies, everybody likes treats. Consider providing the goodies in a small, decorative tin.
  • Tealight Candles: They are symbol of romance and elegance. Match them with your wedding color. I bought this package with 6 for $5 at a local crafts store, but cute and fancy ones can be purchased online for a lot less/candle.
  • Mini soaps: Mini soaps can be found in many different shapes (heart, pink, stroller, pet, etc ) and various colors. Choose the soaps according to your wedding theme.
  • Seeds: Eco-friendly and very symbolic.
  • Tea: Loose teas are a simple idea and perfect for all budget ranges. Some sites offer the ability to customize the little tea packages with your own label.
  • Bath salts: The ideal gift to unwind after the big party. Although it's perhaps a gift more for the ladies. Tip for the DIYer: I found this interesting article on how to make your own bath salt:(

You may elect to have a special favor box for the bridal party that contains more expensive or personalized items with all guests receiving the same koozie box. You might want to also consider guys and gals koozie favor boxes; maybe place a loofah in the bag for your female guests and, well, the guys will definitely love their Coolaz Koozies!

How Long To Make?

If you're a DIY kind of person, you'll most likely be tackling this project yourself. The good news is that it really doesn't take long to assemble a Coolaz Koozie Wedding Favor Box. If you're organized and (if you're lucky) have a few friends to help, then this is a piece of cake. A small little assembly line is probably a good idea to help keep organized and make things efficient. 

4 Easy Steps: 

  1. Place bottle in bag
  2. Wrap Coolaz Koozie around bottle in bag
  3. Replace bottle with wedding favors
  4. Tie back closed

All in all, 30-60 seconds per koozie favor box. 

Be Creative!

Now that we've described the basic concept, one can start to imagine the many different ways a Coolaz Koozie wedding favor box can be customized. The possible combinations are limitless when you consider the variation in Coolaz Koozie design, type of gift bag and the actual favors you elect to place inside the bag. Coolaz Koozie favor boxes are perfect for couples that want to provide a favor that is a lasting memory of the event.