Proper Planning is Key

The moment they decide to tie the knot, most couples fast-forward to the celebration and the type of wedding reception they will have. There is a strong desire is to invite as many people as possible to celebrate the big day, but often times an exhaustive list does not quite fit into the budget. Guest selection can be a difficult task and be a source of tension between the couple and their families. 

First and foremost, a budget must be defined. Next, define a venue that suits the type of decor, food and location you and your fiancee. Simply divide your reception budget by the cost per headcount for the venue will give you the number guests you'll be able to invite. The number may surprise you, but it's wise to keep these initial desires in mind as you make the guest list. Ensure to plan for an unexpected 5-10% increase in space as well as budget for any last minute 'must invites' guests to your reception. Most experienced reception venues will plan capacity for last minute increases to guests lists, but you'll of course be responsible for picking up the tab! 

It usually not always possible to invite every desired guest, so in this case, give preference to those who are closest, part of the history of the couple.

Here are 8 steps for you to go this situation without losing the brilliance of the moment:

Love The Ones You're With

#1- Should the parents participate in the creation of the guest list? 
Parents are so happy to help with their child's marriage and would like to invite as many friends to celebrate together. The key factor is whether the parents are helping pay for the wedding party and/or the entire event. If not, talk to your parents and explain your priorities. Invite your desired guest and provide slots to the parents so they can invite their friends. Thereafter the bride and groom should make a list each allocating half of the guests for each side. 

Another diplomatic way is to set firm limits on invitation percentages for each of the bride/groom and their respective parents. Divide the list into four parts - one for the groom (40%), one for the bride (40%), one for the bride's parents (10%) and one for the groom's parents (10%). 

#2- Have priorities
Start creating your list categories, establishing an order of priority: family, friends, work colleagues and other acquaintances. Always prioritize the order: those who "can not miss", the ones you would "like to be present," then those you "can call" and lastly those who "left over invitation calls." 

Think Twice...It's My Only Advice

#3 Try to void embarrassing situations
Do not invite people or friends who are not very "accepted" by your partner to avoid any conflict on your most important day. 

#4 With humor: Characters Undesirable
Some "characters" can be avoided, and perhaps, could help you cut down on a few names. They are:

  • The selfish - they never talk to you, but when you discover that you will get married soon starts to make contact.
  • The inconsiderate - is what goes missing at the last minute, for reasons fools, as the birthday of the neighboring dog.
  • The false - pretending to be your friend, but does not go with your partner and still leaves your party badmouthing your hair, decoration...
  • The unloved - which complains about everything: the food is cold, the music is bad and loud etc.
  • The exhibitionist - who wants to be more than the bride and the groom and find himself/herself very funny.
  • Your boyfriend/girlfriend's 'friend' - you never seen in your life and that will increase your spending. At the time of greetings hugs you, congratulates, write in your guest book comes out in almost all the photos and still handle your bouquet.

Ok, at this point you might not have any guests remaining, but use these in your ranking system.

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All Work and No Play

#5 - Avoid discussing your wedding at work and don't invite out of obligation
If you work in a company with many employees and cannot invite everyone, it might be wise to downplay your engagement, wedding shower and wedding reception. With discretion, invite only those that you regards as close personal friends. You might want to give a nod to your boss to keep in good standing with office politics. 

#6 - Calling distant relatives or not? 
The polite thing to do is call if they have emotional ties and contact with them. If an aunt you have not seen and does not spoken to for more than five years, you might consider giving low priority to this invite. 

Nearing The Finish Line

#7 - Join lists
Join all the of lists from those that participated in the guest list creation process, eliminating any duplicates. If the list is too long, you'll have to apply the above criteria once again along side the person that is requesting their presence. If if you find the list is too short, cap it there or consider revisiting a few of the previous guests that were eliminated. 

#8 - Make a "Reserve List" 
After you have completed the "Official List", make list of additional names in case some of your original invitees are unable to attend or even cancel with enough notice so those on the reserve list can take their place. 

As you complete the guest list planning process, remember the bachelor and bachelorette parties will soon be upon you. If the Best Man or Maid of Honor will be organizing your bachelor/bachelorette activities, make a mention of Coolaz Koozies to ensure all of your friends will take home an excellent memento of the second most memorable day of your wedding experience.