More and more couples are choosing Koozies for their wedding favors - and why not? They are reasonably priced, can be made locally and can be personalized to exactly how you want them. In fact, that is the most tricky thing about them, the choice is enormous! This article aims to help you choose which wedding Koozie style is right for your special day and give you lots of ideas as to what to put on it. 

Cartoon Wedding Koozies - for fun and casual weddings

For fun and light-hearted weddings a cartoon representation of the bride and groom can raise a laugh from your guests. Many online retailers can adapt template styles and add something that turns a generic cartoon into something that is so 'you and your loved one'. This can be as simple as changing eye color or hair length to adding features such as cowboy hats, surf-boards or fishing rods!

As you can imagine there are a lots of different styles of cartoons possible: from stick figures to full-color anime representations and a good retailer will have a few to choose from of course to suit your tastes. Some suppliers can also offer, usually for a small additional charge, a characature service. Although these are therefore the more expensive designs, with the right illustrator they can be some of the most stunning! 

Beach Wedding Koozies - if you are getting married on the beach

Wedding Koozies and beach weddings are perfectly matched! What better way to make sure your guests have something to remember the occasion by - and enjoy cold drinks on the day itself. Pictures of stunning beaches, or iconic images that just say 'sun, sea and sand' - like shells, palm trees or starfish - make great designs. You could also have a photo of the bride and groom to be, either in a formal or quirky pose. Some great ideas to think about include couples taking pictures of their feet in flip-flops, or just bare, from chest height whilst standing on the sand or surf. Alternatively write something apt on a beach - like the name of the bride and groom, the date or just a love heart and then stand back to take a photo from a distance.

Formal Wedding Koozies - not sure that Wedding Koozies are for you?

While Koozies are not typically included in the potential options for some wedding styles and brides, there are some newer styles (i.e. the physical look) available that bridge the gap between perceptions. Matched up with stylish and elegant imagery, these wedding favors will not raise an eyebrow, but raise a smile, from your guests!

In terms of look, there are lots of formal wedding koozie designs out there to choose from, but with lots of brides having colors and styles or themes already running through all of their wedding stationery it is quite popular for manufacturers to be asked to match these styles so some continuity is kept. Colors of most template designs are easily matched for the most part so at the least they definitely can be made to match key color elements you have chosen. 

Destination Wedding Koozies - if you are off to an exotic location

If you and your guests are flying or driving to an exotic destination, Koozies make a great choice - they can act as the wedding favor and a postcard reminder of the day! Many are lightweight and flat pack - so even 100 guests can be catered for in a box no bigger than a shoebox! 
Full-color type Koozies can be personalized to include a picture of your location or hotel/retreat along with the details of the wedding and other ideas include having maps designed with the wedding location highlighted by an arrow or circle so nobody gets lost on the way! Koozies with maps and flags are also perfect for weddings where one partner is from overseas as they can made to represent both countries in an intimate design that celebrates the origin of both the bride and the groom.


If you are having a destination wedding why not arrange for your guests to get their wedding Koozie on a hotel pillow or brought up by room service upon arrival and include your wedding itinerary on it? They are sure to be thrilled, and will also not be late for all the fun-filled activities planned for the event! 

Themed Wedding Koozies - going retro, vintage or bohemian?

There are lots of new themes that are trending for weddings in 2013 - 2014: retro, black and white, bohemian are just a few! A great design will not only match that theme, but add to it! Pintrest is a great resource once you know what theme you'd like and a quick search for some inspirational boards will soon have your head spinning at the possibilities! Once you have got some ideas and images (think about colors and fonts styles you'd like to see too) you should be able to send your chosen design team them to include in, or just to inspire, the design for your wedding Koozie.

Wedding Koozie Sayings - if you just want to say it with words

There's a lot to be said for keeping it simple if you cannot easily link a strong theme to your ideal wedding favor design. In these cases just some initials or a monogram and a date on a well thought out design can work exceptionally well, however there are lots of fun sayings that might work too. A quick search online can tell you what other people are putting on their Koozies (and we have collated some of the popular wedding koozie sayings ) or maybe there is something closer to you heart; a phrase or poem that is meaningful to your and your partner.

Most Koozie suppliers with have a daunting array of color, styles and fonts to choose from, so it should be easy to have them make something the speaks volumes about your occasion and becomes the perfect personalized wedding favor for you.