Destination Weddings are a Trip!

Destination weddings are growing in popularity. In fact, there are a whole host of resources along with wedding planners that cater to and primarily specialize only in destination weddings. Whether you're electing to do it yourself or hire a planner, it's going to be an extra special occasion for all of the guest since this will be an exciting trip in addition to the wedding itself.

Diamonds are Forever...Coolaz Koozies are for Destination Wedding Favors

Coolaz Koozies are a great memento for the guests as they can be personalized with high-quality photographs, maps, names,'s really only limited to your imagination. If you don't have much of an imagination, don't worry as there are many templates on that will provide the needed inspiration or you just might find the ideal image. 

We've created koozies for bridal parties headed to numerous locations: from Caribbean Islands to Las Vegas; Destin, Florida to Hatteras, North Carolina. Coolaz Koozies are the ideal choice for destination events as they come flat and take up minimal space in your luggage (or your guests' luggage heading back home).

Where Are We Again?

For the geographically challenged, map themes are an excellent choices for a koozie design. Many parties incorporate maps into their artwork as a reminder that - You Are Here! 

Destination weddings are are just that, a destination. The journey leading up to the big day is half the fun and typically filled with activities to entertain the guests. After all, that's one of the major draws to Destination Weddings. If there are activities planned, why not incorporate the itinerary on the koozies. As a memento, itineraries are not only a more detailed reminder of the trip, you'll also have the entire event schedule at everyone's fingertips so (theoretically), everyone is always on time! :) 

Have Fun!