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Dress your beer in style with a Coolaz Beer Koozie!

No one likes warm beer and Coolaz beer Koozies are designed to keep your drink colder for longer – and look real good in the process! Our 4mm toy grade foams are great at keeping the sun’s rays warming your ice cold beer on a hot summer’s day! They are also fully water resistant and do not suck up condensation and beer!

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Full color print

If you want the best looking beer Koozies you’ve got to take a look at ours. We use a 12 color digital print process and this gives us the edge when it comes to print quality and color reproduction. This also gives fantastic results when printing photographs – and with our beer Koozies your will not be restricted to a small rectangle – we print edge to edge across the whole 10” x 4” surface!

Adjust to fit design

Coolaz beer Koozies employ transparent connecting strips to seal and this means our beer Koozies adjust to tightly fit everything from 12oz cans to the smaller premium beers such as Corona. With Coolaz beer Koozies you’ll be sure your guests will be able to continue to use their Koozie from your event when they get home and not have it languish in a kitchen drawer!

Designing your beer Koozies

Our flexible print process means we can print practically anything from a solid a color to a detailed photograph so you just need to tell us what you want and we’ll do the rest. Of course if you prefer you can send us your design (we have a number of blank design templates here). We also have hundreds of templates on the website to use as a start for your design – the text, font and colors can be easily be changed on the vast majority of our designs!

Take a look at our beer Koozie templates for your event

1. Wedding Beer Koozies
2. Birthday Beer Koozies
3. Bachelor Beer Koozies
4. Bachelorette Beer Koozies

How much do Coolaz beer Koozies cost?

Because we print digitally there are no set up fees or charges ‘per color’. We just need to know how many you require. We have an instant online quote application right here!

Why not try out one of our new beer Koozies

Not sure that our beer Koozies are as good as we say? We understand and that’s why we offer a no-obligation trial! We’ll mail you out a standard sample so you can see how they work and the quality of the build and print you just need to let us know an address and what type of event you need it for!

If you have any questions you’d like to ask about our beer Koozies just let us know here and we’ll get right back to you!

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Koozie Testimonials

Coolaz® beer Koozies are a new design that addresses some weakness of the wetsuit (neoprene) type beer Koozies

Wetsuit rubber is typically black and black materials absorb more infrared radiation (i.e. heat from the sun) than other colors. Therefore if you leave your wetsuit beer Koozie in the sun it is heating up from the outside in!

With a Coolaz® beer Koozie you have a choice from 12 different interior foam colors to match your design!

Coolaz® beer Koozies are also made so one size fits all. Coolaz® beer Koozies tightly fit cans, 355ml bottles, 350/330ml premium beers and also 250/275ml slim bottles if you want (please let us know upon ordering if you do want your Koozies to fit slim bottles too)!

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