Although the chevron, an inverted 'V', is a symbol that dates back thousands of years, modern fashion began incorporating chevrons into fabric patterns during the first half of the 20th century. Connecting chevrons forms a zig-zag pattern and is now found on fabrics, handbags, wallpaper and countless other places. 

Who creates the best chevron wedding koozies you ask? Coolaz of course! We regularly receive feedback from brides and wedding planners that designed their wedding koozies with a Coolaz chevron pattern commenting on how beautiful they turned out. 

Much like stripes and polka dots, zig-zag chevrons are fashion staples and allow for creative implementations to extend the versatility of the pattern. And as with stripes and polka dots, all chevrons are not created equal! One must pay attention to the size and placement to ensure the pattern is its most flattering for a given application. 

As a design firm, we takes care in the creation of patterns and styles that Coolaz offers to our customers and the zig-zag chevron is no exception. Coolaz Koozie Design Tool offers many templates and patterns including a few specially created zig-zag chevron designs. We want to ensure that the wedding koozies couples design with Coolaz are special and expertly composed as if they were created by one of our professional designers.

"The chevron might be my favorite pattern of all." comments Coolaz design consultant Sabrina. "I'm an idealist and I see the chevron pattern mimicking life; even though it is ever changing, one can find comfort in the fact that there is constant rhythm when we step back and look at the big picture." 

Coolaz Design Tool offers many patterns and textures; from polka dots and stripes to camouflage and fleur-de-lis! An almost limitless combination of colors and patterns for you to create the perfect wedding koozies to complement the entire celebration.