These colors combined recreate the classic elegance of yesteryear. Used in antique pottery for centuries the contrast of the deep, navy blue against the stark white is obviously very attractive and can be used to create some fantastic looking wedding Koozies too.

By balancing the colors differently you can either use predominantly white with accents of the blues to create a very clean look, which could be ideal for a more wintery wedding. Or go vice versa and design a chic look that is quite different. Dress the tables in white and use blue table runners and napkins as the accents and floral arrangement of white roses and blue cornflowers to kick off the accessories. White chairs with navy ribbons to suit around the table completes the look. 

Bridesmaids can be dressed in the navy or softer blue depending on what suits - alternating sashes would create an eye-catching contrast. You could possibly look at a lighter suit for the Groom and Groomsmen so the navy silk handkerchief jumps out a bit more, but if you are thinking of a darker suit - the pale or dusty blue color will work well too. 

There's lots of exciting combination and ideas for your wedding favors, and with our online design tool you can almost create too many options! To get you started we've come up with a few different ideas - any of which you can click on and then edit to suit your wedding theme. And don't forget - with any of our wedding Koozies you can ask us to provide a space for guest name - that way you can use the Koozies as a place-name or place-card too.