While it may seem a little strange to start talking about Fall colors while the sun is melting the asphalt over here in the West there are some combinations that can act as a transition from now and roll on into October and even November. Olive tones convey a luxurious richness that few other colors manage, and we are amplifying this with gold. Not 'bling' gold mind, antique, burnished gold and to soften, and add a little color, we are blending in peach tones: from warm oranges to blush pinks.


The resulting combination, we hope you agree is restrained elegance for any wedding. When thinking about decorations for the table bear in mind a can of gold paint can turn many ordinary, inexpensive objects into stylish discussion pieces. Bird cages, branches and leaves are great starting points to move from. By adjusting the balance of the three colors you can create a muted, even table setting, to one that breaks things up more with punctuation of peach - vases with peach roses like the beautiful 'Just Joey' are one idea. 

A stunning statement upon entry would be a large gold lacquered 'wishing tree' whereupon guests can sign carefully designed oval or diamond shaped cards with a gold pen and hang their best wishes before seating. 

As for dressing up, there are plenty of opportunities out there for some elegant vintage earrings or other jewellery for the bride and bridesmaids - Peridot is a classic gemstone for this palette. As you can see in the picture matching bridesmaid's dresses in satin or chiffon finishes will look enchanting no matter hair color or style and a sash for the bride with maybe an ivory dress will keep the vintage tone beautifully. For the men an olive green tie, with matching handkerchief will suit several suit colors. 

Of course here at Coolaz, we've a few new wedding Koozie designs to suit this color combination - maybe it's the perfect time to use their feature of being able to be written upon. By designing in a blank white area we can leave a space for you to write each guest's name in - thus the Koozie becomes the place card too! Of course we could always print each guest's name for you if you like.