New website design - and new Koozie designs too...

Hi - welcome to a major overhaul of the Coolaz Koozies website - I hope you like it. We've built it on the Squarespace platform so there's a couple of limitations we've yet to find work-arounds for. First, while we can only fulfil orders of 50 or more you can still add less than this to you cart. If you make a mistake we'll be sure to let you know by way of email otherwise it should all make sense.

Why do you have a minimum order of 50 koozies?
As well as making the product there is of course a whole bunch of overheads involved in their production too. These range from checking your design and laying it up on the printers, checking payments and making sure everything gets made in time to boxing up and printing up your labels. Rather than have a design or administration fee we've gone for amortizing that cost into a minimum order. Feel free to ask any questions about this of course.

- Darren