Are you getting the best from your promotional koozies?

Koozies are a great option to promote your business, product or brand - low cost and excellent visibility and persistence - if you get the design right of course and that statement includes the product's design (as well as the graphics printed on them). With a plethora of cheap, one-color screen printed koozies on poor-quality 'scuba-foam' (read as 'sponge') fighting out the bottom end of the market of cheap giveaways we urge a moments pause and ask 'what value are they offering even at that low price?'

The answer we think is often very little - these fabric koozies do not last very long and often do not look too hot - are those the brand values that are going work for your business? We give away samples of our products all the time here at Coolaz (feel free to ask for one yourself via email) and we know that their novelty is almost always a good starting point - not many people at all are going to have seen one before and then there's the fact that they look clean and vibrant - so for just a slightly larger investment suddenly people are going to take more notice of your message.

The perfect promotional giveaway... 

Koozies have one of the best levels of visibility for promotional giveaways - when being used they are always in the hand and moving. Of course they also have an attractive function – this means that if the design is right recipients will not only appreciate the product, but practically advertise your brand/business or services by continued use in front of others.

Promotional koozies are ideal for expo giveaways to build brand recognition – we’ve often seen expos and events teeming with people holding just one company's koozie around their drink whereas keyrings, squeeze balls and all manner of other gifts are all hidden in the showbag. Clearly people are able to ‘get’ and utilize the product quickly and then – if the design appeals to them – they’ll take it home and stand around the BBQ with their friends with it too.

For some brands, this appeal can be as easy as just printing a logo, but for others a clever or considered design needs to be implemented to stand out from the crowd, the perfect promotional product is one where 'what it is' and 'what is on it' work exceptionally well together: if the promotional product's design is attractive, and it performs its function well then the last piece of the puzzle is the graphic design element. Our design team here at Coolaz is here to help you do that – we’ve years of design experience available to help you nail it. one so good you can get people to pay for them!

Coolaz koozies are often retailed and have ...

Promotional koozies: Design features and ideas

Many koozie designs - for the same Low unit price

Coolaz koozies are printed digitally on sheets of 20, but each designs can be unique. This means for larger orders (>100) we can start to print variations of your designs to create additional interest and provide your target market with some choice which is always attractive (people are much more likely to keep and use an item that they have chosen of course). This feature is used extensively by many of our customers, such as Beccy Cole. Read more about her story and her koozie's design here.

We can print tracking numbers on your koozies

As we print digitally we can add unique codes onto each koozie so they are traceable. How valuable is it to know when and how the recipient got their koozie if you execute a mail-out campaign? And to also know that the campaign is working too? You could also use the individual code as a special promotional or lottery-type element in your promotion. We think numerical sequencing or coding of koozies is a very powerful tool.

Koozie Barcodes and QR Codes

Due to the high quality printing process why not take advantage of the availability now of barcode and QR code readers on many of todays smart phones. These codes can be used for proof of identity, lotteries and competitions or for marketing tools such as pushing the recipient towards a website or Facebook page to learn more about your company or offering.

Rapid koozie Prototyping

Get an idea of how your promotional koozies will look in the flesh by taking advantage of our rapid manufacturing process. We can have one of your design to you in a little as seven days. This a great way to fully explore the potential and can clearly help if the idea needs to be sold internally.